is your most powerful
people-based strategy
Maximising the
wellbeing of your people

Your People, and the unique capabilities which they bring to your business constitutes your core competitive differentiator.

“In today’s demanding world where outstanding employees are faced with multiple professional and business opportunities, it is those that position the wellbeing of their people at the heart of their businesses, that will attract and retain the outstanding talent, which is a quintessential requirement for attaining exponential business growth”

– Maureen Kark

Maureen Kark and Associates

Maureen Kark and Associates have proudly maintained the wellness of niche organisations like Investec, Growthpoint Properties, Ninety-One and Silica.

Our unique personal and partnering approach in designing and implementing bespoke Wellbeing Programmes for your business, therefore providing a compelling employee value proposition to attract and retain employees, which has earned us the reputation as thought Leaders in the field of Corporate Wellbeing.

Wellness Proposition

Building an authentic wellbeing programme for your people requires a financial investment in the wellbeing of your employees in the first instance. However, the returns on this investment are unquantifiable – building the capacity to develop exceptional people filled with a sense of loyalty, belonging and purpose, physiologically, psychologically and intellectually able to perform at optimal levels of wellbeing; people who are agile, resilient, creative and capable. People who are innovative and inspired through the care and concern you have provided them and their families to continuously contribute to the exponential growth of your business.